Pensioners Parliament Report

Highlights of the Parliament included:-

On 18 June: a two hour rally featuring Frances O’Grady TUC general secretary, Author Owen Jones, Professor John Ashton Faculty of Public Health and Dot Gibson,general secretary.

19/20 June: Debates on pensions and benefits, social care, the changes in the, the importance of public transport, how to unite the generations andimpact that devolution in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland has had on older people.

NPC Organiser Neil Duncan-Jordan said: “Our Pensioners’ Parliament is all about giving older people a voice. “We want pensioners to let us know what their concerns are." 1,000 delegates attended the Parliament.

Our grateful thanks are extended to the Delegates who attended this year as representatives of the Forum, Pensioners Action Group and Asian Elders.
They were:-

Peter Amos—LPF Management Committee
Ms Raj Gagneja—LPF Delegate from Asian Elders
Mrs Laurel Robertson— Delegate Pensioners Action Group
Mrs Indra Nigam—Delegate from Asian Elders

Copies of the LPF Delegates Report will be available at the
July Forum meeting